He must be near….

I have so many emotions when it comes to the shooting of Michael Brown in STL. When I scrolled through all the comments I fine my self angry with what’s being said. One race saying on thing and another saying something else. Wrong is wrong plain and simple white or black. Society is so quick to call rioter thugs/mob/low life’s….we don’t live where they live or see what they live with daily…. Let’s be carful there. Let’s be real careful whenever we talk about someone who lives a different level of desperation than we do…I’m not saying correction is never needed-but let’s just be careful. A kid lost his life and although I don’t have all the details a kid is dead. And a community can only take so much…I would say put yourself in their shoes, but we all know that isn’t possible. A little food for thought when a sport team wins a Stanley Cup, Super Bowl or World Series then set cars on fire and throw bricks threw window it’s called passion. And when citizens are standing on the street corners pointing guns at cops they’re hailed as patriots, but a unarmed teen not seen as human shot 8 times by those same cops.

Jesus please come save us from ourselves. It’s getting harder and harder to be proud of this country.

The Ultimate List Of The 10 Best Burgers In Dallas

Liberty Burger should be higher!


shadys2 by Steven Doyle

Narrowing down the very best burger in Dallas has always been a chore. The last time we tried to name the five best the list zoomed past five and slid into home base at twenty-five. Even at twenty-five we missed some burgers we adore. Then the list was tainted by time and the ravels of new burger joints opening across town.

Today marks another National Burger Day holiday (we officially recognize a pair of these holidays) which gives us yet another shot at plowing through a few burger filled weekends to bring a freshly appointed list. And this time we stopped at ten. No take backs until the next round of burger days appear on the calendar unless we make up another burger day like Hallmark makes up their special reasons for greeting cards (I am looking at you Quatro de Mayo and Decemberween). 

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The Perfect Storm in Real Estate.

People sometime ask me how the market is doing. And I always use the stand line it’s Good, without even going into details. So let me answer this question in detail the market is Booming!!!! It’s basically a win for everyone; rates are low buyer have more buying power(buying power means bigger badder home for lack of a better term). And for sellers prices are up(so you can sell for top dollar then turn around and use that buying power). With all this happening the supply of homes are down for people looking to move yesterday, but for those who have 6-9 months and want something you can make your own then building a custom home might be just the move. Yesterday I spoke with the city planners in Farmers Branch they are offering a 7 year tax rate lock on the pre construction value of the lot. So in Laymans terms you will be paying taxes on $160K not $500K for 7 Years!!!! This has to be the best time time to Buy, Sell, or Build and still put money away every month. If you need someone to help you I would love to be your realtor; and I come with warm hugs and knowledge. Please contact me if I can be your realtor Kevin@RogersHealy.com